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Politics decides how to divide the pie. The health of the energy sector determines the pie size. Science and technology rest upon fundamental truths of the universe; we continue as a species to uncover and apply profound elementary truths all the time. Once we go from scientific fact to application, we find that the Human Ego is incorporated into applied technologies in our everyday lives. We can easily see this in material needs vs. material expression. 

Politics can quickly destroy the quality of life through quests for power and ignorance. Today in California, we see this playing out in a dramatic fashion with the Political drive towards Renewable energies of Wind and Solar. The Utility companies this summer are threatening rolling brownouts because of the intermittency problem found in renewable sources. Rather than allowing the utilities to develop sources of consistent power use like Nuclear and Natural Gas, the politicians are forcing them to shut them down. Once Diablo Canyon does shut down, the real evil of the devil will show its head in the Renewable power supply. The people of California will see the cost of power go up much like what is currently happening in Australia and Germany- the Two other governments that have decided to dive headfirst into the empty promise of current technologies in Renewable Energy.


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