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The best way of giving support is by talking about the issues with others and Voting. Many of my early supports spoke about keeping deep pockets out of the Primary Election for the House of Representatives. 

I have been keeping this promise to my early supporters even though the reality of getting exposure and getting the word out about my campaign is limited.  But I am always inspired by a quote by Anne Frank - " I must uphold my ideals, for perhaps the time will come when I shall be able to carry them out."

 I will begin to accept contributions from individuals for the General election cycle if I make it through the primary. 


I would recommend that anyone wishing to run for Congress should set up a war chest of at least $50,000 before beginning. The Election office will with 40 signatures and $1740 put you name on the Ballot, but to have your own Candidate Statement published with the Sample Ballot will cost someone running in the 24th district approximately $24,000. This prevents the working and Middle Class from participating as a Candidates.  Not complaining just laying out the facts for the voting public.

NO Contributions taken before the results of the primary election are published.
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