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Let's Focus on the Feasible,

Not the Fanciful.

Save Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant NOW!!, Listen to the Energy Economist with the Little Voice rather than the Energy Entrepreneurs with a BIG VOICE - look at the energy poverty that Australia and Germany put themselves into by embracing the Intermittency problem of Solar and Wind. Research before Mass Rollout.

Keep California energy independent.  There is no need for rolling Black-outs and exuberant energy Costs. The answer is simple - keep the Nuclear Power Plant open until technology can prove that the intermittency problem is solved within an economically acceptable range, or build enough Natural Gas plants that is currently the cheapest form of energy we know of now. Solar and Wind take up far to much land and is hazardous to wildlife.


And now with the recent fires in the Sierra's one of the renewable sources of energy is threatened. oh well, here comes the increases to energy bills. Thanks for chasing the fanciful. When Common Sense isn't all that common.  

Thank you to all the support you gave me in the 2020 Primary!! I look forward to running again in 2022.

  • Energy Independence (Nuclear Power is Clean Power)
  1. Clean Energy should be Job One. We can't compromise our environment or climate.
  2. Energy supply and Quality of Life are Directly Related.
  3. All forms of Clean Energy are worth Pursuing.
  4. Research into Alternative Forms of Energy pays Great Dividends.
  5. America's Energy Independence leads to Greater Peace and Prosperity throughout the Nation and the World.
  6. America should take its rightful place as the developer of New Clean Energy Sources.
  •  Infrastructure Revitalization
  1. California and the 24th District has a right to Federal Funds for Infrastructure Projects.
  2. Better maintained Roads and Bridges keep commerce moving.
  3. Development and supply of Water Resources is critical to the Livelihood of the Central Coast.
  4. Better Infrastructure is a boon to all Citizens. 
  5. There are Plenty of Shovel Ready Projects in the 24th District that are awaiting Federal Funding.
  •  Fiscal Responsibility
  1. Provide a National Limit on Property taxation using the California model passed in 1978's Prop.13
  2. Wind down our involvement in military conflicts and utilize the savings on Energy Infrastructure and Health Care.
  3. No Government has ever taxed its Citizens to Prosperity.
  4. We need to stay vigilant against the other tax known as inflation.
  5.  A fair tax system is rewarded with better compliance.
  6.  No one group should be singled out to pay more than its fair share. The burden often falls on the Middle Class.
  • Health Care 
  1. Health care  cost has gone up from 5% of family budgets in 1960 to 17.9% today. 
  2. America is the leader in Medical Research. It is time for America to become a leader in preventative health.
  3. Good health leads to greater personal confidence.
  4. Medicare needs to be protected for those over the age of 65.
  5. Legislation needs to be passed to allow Medical Insurance to serve all Americans, no matter their economic resources.

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  Television Interview:


A healthy and prosperous society depends upon an ethical and efficient government.  Today our citizens see that the cost of health care is significantly outpacing inflation.  In addition , our infrastructure is crumbling while our national debt is spiraling out of control. We need to address all these issues without politically divided hang-ups standing in the way.

My name is Kenneth Young. Let's get this done. I am running for Congress as an Independent candidate to better represent the primary concerns we share in California's Central Coast 24th Congressional District. 


My purpose is to assure that government works on our behalf to keep the national debt in check, maintain our environmental and energy resources, properly direct funds to needed street and highway repair, and free us to pursue a more active and prosperous life. These things are all feasible with intelligent research and planning. But we must first break the deadlock of our failing two party system. New leadership is called for.



Kenneth Young


Let's preserve our beautiful central coast for all to enjoy.  

Committee to Elect KENNETH YOUNG
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